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  • Role:


  • Platform:

Hololens 2

  • Tool:

Unity 3D

  • Duration:

2 weeks

  • Description:

NightMaze is a 3D puzzle game that allows players to drag the walls and obstacles and guide the main character to his destination while avoiding being attacked by monsters in the maze.

  • Theme:

Player helps character A who is afraid of character B to achieve a goal while unharmed by character B.

  • Contribution:

1. Designed our game's core mechanism: dragging blocks to change the route of our main character and the monsters.

2. Programmed the monsters' AI and implemented the animators of monster and main character.

3. Implemented VFX in our game including toon shader and color changing shader of the ground.

4. Helmed our schedule, ensured on-time completion of deliverables, and maintained a good team atmosphere.

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My thoughts on Hololens 2

Even considered cutting-edge technology, AR is more suitable for casual games and puzzle games at the current stage due to many limitations, such as low refreshing rate, limited interactions, and restrained eyesight. AR is good at extracting a 2D world on the screen into miniature models in 3D space.
Hololens 2 doesn't support abundant interactions, so we decided to build a puzzle game that focuses on a single interaction like dragging in Angry Bird and sliding in slicing in Cut the Rope.

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