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A Day In The Life Of An Ordinary Vlogger is an interactive story project created with Unity. 

The story of this project is that our main character Evans chooses to be a Vlogger instead of an ordinary career path. However, his video topics are pretty dull and crappy. Inspired by some top videos on Youtube and Tiktok, Evans is pondering whether he should make a change.

The player can select between different topics that Evans will film. Some topics will make Evans earn fame, some will make Evans earn a great fortune and some will make Evans abandon the idea of being a full-time Vlogger.

The theme of this round's project is "a day in the life of..." Our team believed that Streamers and Vloggers are becoming increasingly common these years, and some are incredibly famous and rich, prompting more young people to dedicate themselves to these professions.

As the director and the screenwriter of this project, from the aspect of gameplay, I referenced Super Seducer, which is a very successful interactive story that teaches players how to pick up girls like doing RPG quests.

To add more flavour to our story, I learned from The Stanley Parable and decided to add a narrator who acts as an observer and gives jocular comments and feedback on players' decisions.

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Design documents

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