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The final battle in Squirrel Hill is a video project produced by team Angry Milk Tea, which is a team of five ETC students who took the class called Visual Story.

Visual Story is a semester-long class that requires students to work in teams to write, produce, shoot and edit several visual story assignments.

This class teaches essential skills for becoming a creative technological storyteller – how to think visually and aurally, as well as aspects of mise-en-scene, classical continuity-style coverage and temporal and spatial montage theory.

As the director and the screenwriter of this project, I was undoubtedly inspired by a movie named Rounders.

One of the restrictions that our instructors left on this assignment is that there should be no lines in the video, which forced students to focus more on the language of the lens to give characters personalities as well as how to make shots transition reasonable and natural.

The other challenge is that the video is limited to be five-minute-long. I have to take care of the rationality and the interest curve at the same time.

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